Canteen Use Regulations


SASNOVA allows the use of the canteen by the students, after request and approval of its use.

When use has been approved, a signed Responsibility Form must be sent to SASNOVA.

CAS-approved prices are 5€ per hour during the week and 2.5€ per hour during weekends.

Students' use of the canteens is restricted by the following regulations:


Regulations for Use of the SASNOVA Canteen Dining Rooms

(Approved by the Social Welfare Council at the 9th July 2008 meeting)

SASNOVA is responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of all canteens, faculty or otherwise. SASNOVA recognizes that due to their size and location, the canteens are ideal for special events, and socializing between students, although their main function must not be overlooked. However, it is vitally important that during these events, maintenance and security are not overlooked. The following regulations were drawn up keeping this in mind.

First Clause - Objective

These regulations are to be taken into account when the SASNOVA canteens are not being used for they normal daily use.

Second Clause - Types of Use

The canteens may be used for other means as long as they do not interrupt that normal operation and meal service. Events may be recreational, sporting, or cultural.

Third Clause - Requests

Only Faculty Student Unions may request the use of the UNL's canteens for any other use than its normal function. This is done using the request form (Appendix 1 of these regulations) at least 15 days in advance of the planned date for the event.

Fourth Clause - Request Rejection

Any requests that may interrupt the normal daily operation of the canteens, may risk the safety or security of the building, or the health and integrity of participants will not be approved.

Fifth Clause - Responsibility

1. The Student Unions that wish to hold events in the canteens will be fully responsible for their correct use. A Responsibility Form must be signed and sent to SASNOVA. This form is in Appendix 2 of these regulations. The canteens must be found in the same condition as before the event.

2. If appropriate, SASNOVA reserves the right to request that insurance be taken out for the event, in case of accident or injury to participants or facilities.

3. SASNOVA will not be held responsible for any damage or theft occurring during these events.

Sixth Clause - Terms of Use

1. The duration of the event, assembly and disassembly of equipment, rehearsals, or any other activity concerned with preparing the event, will all be counted as hours of use and charged as such.

2. Assembly, disassembly and removal of equipment will be done during appropriate periods of time, previously agreed upon by SASNOVA and the Student Union in question.

3. Room capacity must be respected at all times. The number will be previously agreed upon by SASNOVA and the Student Union in question, depending on the type of event to be held.

4. No permanent fixtures or anything else that may damage the integrity of the rooms may be put up.

5. Any permission given by these regulations must be further enforced by written authorization from SASNOVA.

Seventh Clause - Charges for Canteen Use

1. All usage is subject to a charge that must be paid in advance by the requesting students. These charges are specified in Appendix 3 of these regulations.

2. If the requested period of time for the event is exceeded, the Student Union will be responsible for payment of all damages resulting from the extra time used. Extra hours used, and a fine of 50% of the latter will be charged as damages.

Eighth Clause - Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with all rules stated in these regulations will result in the end of all rights conceded to the offending student(s). Fines and other charges will be otherwise dealt with.

Ninth Clause - Validity and Advertising of the Regulations

These regulations are valid from the day they are approved by CAS. Thereafter they must be put up in a visible place, as is the norm with all regulations.