SASNOVA has three canteens and two cafeterias spread over all campuses.

Nova students have access to all SASNOVA units as well as to food services belonging to all other Public Higher Education Institutions in Lisbon: Social Welfare Services of Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Universidade de Lisboa, and Insituto Politécnico de Lisboa.


SASNOVA Canteens and Cafeterias

Alfredo de Sousa Halls of Residence (RAS) Canteen

Faculty of Medical Science (FCM) Cafeteria

Faculty of Science and Technology (FCT) Canteen

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH) Canteen

Rectorate Building Cafeteria


Access to Canteens

Access to canteens is granted to:

    Nova students with an up-to-date student card;

    Students from other public higher education institutions, with permission from SASNOVA;

    Nova academic and non-academic staff;

    Other consumers, with permission from SASNOVA.

University ID must be provided.

Consumers with specific medical nutritional needs may ask for a specially prepared meal in advance, and must present medical proof of their condition.



Welfare meal for bachelors and masters degree students: 2.65€;

Meal for doctorate degree students, academic and non-academic staff: 4.10€ (only in the canteen run directly by the SASNOVA: FCSH canteen)

A complete meal consists of soup, bread, drink, main dish and dessert (check canteen menus).

FCT, RAS and FCSH canteens provide macrobiotic meals.

At snack bars and cafeterias, prices are determined locally.


Closed Periods

Summer Holiday: Closes on the last working day in July and reopens on the second working day in September.

Canteens also close for short periods of time at Christmas, Carnival and Easter (notices are sent to faculty services, student unions and university accommodation).

Some canteens belonging to other public universities stay open during these periods, and all Nova students have access to them.


Canteen Accompaniment Commissions

By deliberation of the Social Welfare Council (CAS) on 13th July 2007, a commission is created each year that facilitates communication between Food Services and the students, so as to guarantee the quality of services rendered.


Food Health and Safety

All units belonging to SASNOVA have health and safety regulations according to HACCP. Food Services currently collaborate with institutions that verify these regulations. These are Instituto Ricardo Jorge (microbiological tests) and SGS (auditing and nutritional consulting).