Requirements for application:

Students that wish to apply for the scholarship must fulfill the following requirements:

    1 - Be enrolled and registered in any Portuguese higher education facility and be:

            a. Portuguese national citizens;

            b. National citizens of a European Union member state (or a family member), (Law number 37/2006, on 9th August)

            c. Citizens from other countries who:
                - Are authorized to have permanent residency in Portugal (Law number 23/2007 80th clause, on 4th July);
                - Benefit from long-term resident status (Law number 23/2007 125th clause, on 4th July);
                - Fall under the scope of a cooperation agreement that covers the application of such benefits;
                - Give similar status to Portuguese students in their own countries

            d. Stateless persons

            e. Political refugees

    2 - Have good academic record in the last school year;

    3 - Not be holders of a higher or equal level degree as that which they are applying for;

    4 - Family income must be insufficient for the continuation of studies, according to the following formula: average monthly income below 1,2 x RMMG (Guaranteed Minimum Monthly Remuneration).


Documents for application

1 - The application must be followed up with the documents mentioned on the student's personal page after submitting the online application.

2 - The student and his/her siblings' proof of enrollment (siblings who are students on 30th September) and the student's record of academic achievement are also compulsory documents that must be handed in with all other documents requested on the personal page.

3 - If the form is not filled in correctly the student may be asked to present other documentation that was not initially requested.

4 - Additional documents will be requested on the student's personal page when the Provisional Results are known.