The mission of the Social Welfare Services of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Serviços de Acção Social da Universidade Nova de Lisboa - SASNOVA) is to guarantee that no student is excluded from the university due to financial difficulties. This is done through support, benefits and services, so as to better the students' possibility for educational success.

SASNOVA provides direct social support; scholarships and emergency support, and indirect support; food services, accommodation and health services, as well as support for sports and cultural activities.

Within the scope of SASNOVA are included the following duties:

    Assigning scholarships to underprivileged students

    Promoting student and staff access to Food Services through canteens, cafeterias and bars

    Promoting access to accommodation for students who are living away from home

    Providing medical, psychiatric, psychological and nutritional support

    Starting up and giving support to sports activities

    Starting up and giving support to cultural activities

SASNOVA is also committed to developing other activities that may contribute to the educational success of students.