Lisbon Walks


Limited capacity (by order of enrollment)

Payment in advance: 5,00€ (Reserved to students, teachers and staff from NOVA)

10,00€ (outside NOVA community)

IBAN: PT50 0035 0841 00000020430 38


The duration of the walls is approximately 3 hours.

Meeting point – communicated via e-mail until the day before the walk


Lisbon Príncipe Real : from the Enlightenment to Romantic times | 30th March 2 p.m

This tour will drive us to Lisbon’s history of the 18th century Enlightenment to the Romantic city of the 19th century. With an eye in the heritage, we will look to the testimonies of the material improvements of the 18th century, to the consequent born of new aesthetics and the development of new sociability. The tour will be focused on Príncipe Real, nowadays one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods in town. It will begin at the «Mãe de Água», heritage par excellence of the policies of urban space renewal; it will proceed with a passage by the Museum of Natural History, evidence of knowledge improvement and its cultural impacts; it will continue through the Praça Príncipe Real, which houses great examples of the Romantic aesthetics, and it will end at Av. Da Liberdade, previously place of the Passeio Público, the quarter where was developed new socialites in the 19th century.

Christianity in Lisbon: impelling, dialogues and ruptures | 6th April 2 p.m

How Lisbon became Christian? How does Christianity have influenced Lisbon’s history, its development both socially and economically? How urban space has reflected Christianity impact? How different religions interact in Lisbon? This tour will start with the insight of two masterpieces build around Christianity displayed in Lisbon: the Painéis de S. Vicente de Fora and the Nanbam folding screens (in the Museu National de Arte Antiga). Then, we will ride a tram up to Terreiro do Paço, from where we will explore the dialogue of the Lisbon’s authorities with Christianity and other religions through the selection of heritage landmarks.

Lisbon as city of the World | 4th May 2 p.m

In the sixteenth century Lisbon was one of the biggest and most important cities in the world. This tour will be centered in Belém neighbourhood and it will drive you to the heritage that commemorates Lisbon as a global city. We will speak about the Tagus river, the main entrance of the world in Lisbon, we will look to the Belém’s heritage as a symbol of Lisbon’s empowerment and its glory, but also as a testimony of a global economy, a place of interconnected histories, and one of the best examples persevered of genuine Portuguese decorative style.

Modern Lisbon Transformation | 25th May 2 p.m

In this tour will meet Lisbon’s modernization, focused on the «Avenidas Novas» neighbourhood. It will be explore the novelties implemented in the district, firstly when it was designed, in end of the 19th century, then later fueled by «Estado Novo», between de 1930’s and the 1940’s. It will be observed the symbols of a progressing city: new traffic arteries, new construction techniques, new decorative arts, electrification, steam machines, new forms of entertainment. It will be pointed out the architectural landmarks, going from art nouveau, to the so-called new modernism’s buildings.

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