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The Geração NOVA Scholarships – SASNOVA Scholarships – were established in order to meet the growing requests for support from students whose eligibility is not covered by the DGES Scholarships and whose costs of school life have increased in recent years.

Thus, the Scholarships not only cover university fees, but also allow for a customization of each student’s needs. Students have the possibility to apply for scholarships for support towards school material, digital material, computers, accommodation and food, among others.

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What are the Geração NOVA Scholarships?

The Geração NOVA Scholarships were created with the aim of supporting all students whose family’s household income is insufficient to meet school expenses, whether they be housing (when students are displaced), school material, transport or food.

These scholarships will be financed by civil society.  All individuals or companies who wish to make a donation may do so through the website.

Who are the Geração NOVA scholarships for?

The Geração NOVA Scholarships are aimed at NOVA students of Bachelors and Masters degrees whose insufficient family income makes it difficult or impossible for them to continue their studies and who are not eligible for other social support scholarships.

When can applications be made?

The Geração NOVA Scholarships will be open for applications from 27th September 2022.

What are the eligibility criteria?

The attribution of scholarships is ruled by the regulation available on this website and published in the Law. The main selection criteria are the annual income per capita, the size of the family, as well as academic performance.

What kind of support is available?

  • Accommodation;
  • Fees;
  • Food;
  • Transport;
  • Computer;
  • Digital or school material.

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