Transparency and Impact Report


NOVA University of Lisbon is a global and civic institution that is concerned and involved with the welfare of the society and the community in which it operates and for this reason the University created the Geração NOVA Scholarships. Currently NOVA University is the main backer for this support. However, if everyone participates, we will be able to help many more students who need this support. This is an investment with individual returns of 40%, which contributes to society in the short and long term. On the other hand, the Social Services of NOVA University of Lisbon takes responsibility for the management, coordination and implementation in granting Geração NOVA Scholarships.

In the past 5 years between 25% and 30% of student’s requests for scholarships are not contemplated by the scholarships of the Directorate General of Higher Education (DGES). This year, about 617 students were left without any kind of support in order to pursue their studies. We want to change higher education and we count on your support, make your donation and actively participate in the development of human capital in our society, from which we can all benefit, now and in the future, click here.

To consult the complete regulation for granting Scholarships, click here.

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