Psychology Services

What is it?

In the psychology service you can find specific and confidential psychological care adjusted to life problems, whether they are clinical (anxiety, depression, difficulties in adapting, social interaction, life challenges, etc.), or more focused on academic success (study methods, personal development, stress management). Psychotherapeutic intervention aims to promote individual and social well-being, and to optimize one’s personal resources.

For who?

The sessions are aimed at NOVA University students and take place on the Campolide Campus and/or online.

Models of intervention

Individual and group.

Therapeutic models

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Group Analysis, EMDR Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Family Therapy.


Psicology / Individual psychotherapy– 5€

Group session – 3€


Ana Gaspar (Psychologist):

Psychologist Specialist in Psychotherapy accredited by the OPP; Master in Philosophy of Science

Areas of interest: Tibetan Buddhist meditation and neurosciences

Clinical training: Psychotherapy; Psychoanalysis; EMDR Therapy; Clinical Hypnosis; Family Therapy; Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (3rd G Mindfulness); psychodrama


Sandra Mateus (Psychologist):

Clinical and Health Psychologist accredited by the OPP

Areas of interest: E-Mental Health; Coaching

Clinical Training: Psychotherapy; Psychodrama


Nuno Ferreira Franco (Psychologist):

Clinical Psychologist by OPP

Areas of interest: Psychoanalysis; Depression; Sexual and gender issues; performance

Clinical Training: Clinical Psychologist, Training in LGBTQIA+ Studies



Ana Gaspar:



If you want to know more about mental health, follow our activities here.

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