NOVA Walks

Cultural walks in Lisbon, guided by the reasercher, Drª. Ana Pinto from CHAM/FCSH (PhD in History).

  • The walks last around 3 hours.
  • Meeting point will be communicated via email during the afternoon before the walk.
  • Price: 5€ NOVA community (students, teachers, researchers and workers); 10€ other participants
  • Registration open until 5 p.m of the previous day of each walk
  • Limited places (by order of registration)

Lisbon through Miradouros (viewpoints)

A tour to discover Lisbon and its urban evolution, climbing from terrace to terrace and enjoying different panoramic views. This is the best way to have an insight into Lisbon’s development and its history.


OCTOBER 14th | 2 p.m.


Lisbon multicultural

Since former times Lisbon has been a place featured by multiculturalism. In ancient times, Moorish, Jews, and Christian interacted, both in dialogue and rupture; then, with the overseas expansion, in the 16th century, Lisbon became one of the largest and most important cities in the world. On this tour you will discover how this multiculturalism, current in different times, shaped Lisbon’s development granting its uniqueness.


OCTOBER 21st | 2 p.m.




Lisbon before and after the earthquake

At about 9 am on November 1st, 1755, Lisbon shuddered with a deafening roar. It was the sound of destruction. A strong earthquake, followed by a tsunami and by a huge fire, devastated almost all the capital. It is no exaggeration to talk about the existence of Lisbon before and after that day. On this tour, you will visit some buildings which survived the devastation, and you will travel between a disappeared Lisbon and a reborn city within a new order.


OCTOBER 28th | 2 p.m.





Lisbon as a legacy of knowledge

Urban settlements are by nature hubs for technological and scientific improvements. Lisbon’s as a city of hills has ever struggled for solutions for sustainable growth and proper living conditions. Since former times water supply, sewage, circulation of goods and mobility had been both crucial and limiting issues. In this tour you will observe heritage that testimonies a progressing city, and it will highlight how scientific knowledge had impact in lisboetas’ way of living.


NOVEMBER 4th | 2 p.m.




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