Within the scope of its responsibilities and as a form of indirect support, NOVA’s Social Welfare Services (SASNOVA) operates a childhood support center, the Centro de Educação Pré-Escolar (CEPE), primarily dedicated to the children of those students who attend NOVA University (NOVA).



CEPE’s targeted audience is NOVA’s academic world, whereby priority will be given to the children, and/or equivalent:

a) Of students who benefit from scholarships and who are enrolled in study programs leading to an academic degree;
b) Of students who are enrolled in study programs leading to an academic degree;
c) Of external researchers working for NOVA;
d) Of NOVA’s staff members (faculty and non-faculty members), irrespective of the type of employment contract;
e) Of personnel of those entities engaged at the Caparica Campus and the Madan Parque; and

On an exceptional and availability basis, the children of citizens with no connection to NOVA.


CEPE works during the work hours of, or due to the impediment of, the Parents or Legal Guardians, providing them with the continued care as ensured by the family, and with the conditions for their continued development.

The Nursery is dedicated to welcoming children between 4 to 12 months of age;

The Daycare is dedicated to welcoming children between 12 months to 3 years of age;

The Kindergarten shall be understood as the establishment dedicated to welcoming children between the ages of 3 to 5 years.


Opening Hours:
CEPE’s opening hours for all available Programs will be business days, between 08:00 to 19:00.

School Term:
The school term is defined every year and it will run between the first business day of the month of September until the last business day of the month of August.


Regulation CEPE

Applications and Admissions


Applications can be submitted throughout the year.
Admission shall be conditional upon the availability of places and conditioned by the selection criteria set forth in the ‘Beneficiaries’ section.
If no places are available, applications will be put on a waiting list.


Attendance at CEPE includes the payment of the enrollment fee and a monthly tuition, as a form of contribution, which amounts shall be reviewed and approved by SASNOVA’s Management Board, on an annual basis.


Campus da Caparica
Quinta da Torre

2825 – 516 Monte da Caparica
t: +351 212 941 728 / +351 212 940 755


Sandra Figueiras
Childhood Support Office Coordinator
apoioinfancia@unl.pt | +351 213 715 600

Sílvia Fernandes
Coordenadora Pedagógica

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