Student Collaboration

Student Collaboration is part of the Social Support Fund and aims to encourage students to participate in activities, projects, events and actions promoted by Organic Units and services of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, with adequate compensation that can be through:

  • payment of €5/hour;
  • meal vouchers, valid for SASNOVA food units;
  • a contribution, total or partial, towards the cost of accommodation in the SASNOVA university residences;
  • a contribution, in whole or in part, to the tuition fee payable by students in the course in which they are enrolled;
  • other type of goods (FNAC vouchers) related to school activities.

NOTE: The collaboration of students under this program cannot, under any circumstances, guarantee the satisfaction of permanent needs of the services, nor configure a legal relationship of public employment.

NOTE: Students’ participation in this initiative cannot compromise the student’s academic career.


All students enrolled and registered at the University in the 1st cycle and integrated master’s courses may apply for the cooperation program.

NOTE: new regulation under update


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