Social Welfare Council (CAS)

The Social Welfare Council (CAS) is the highest management body for social action, which is responsible for defining and guiding the support to be given to students, being chaired by the Rector of the university and comprising the SASNOVA Administrator and two students, one of whom scholarship holder, nominated by the Student Council.

The Social Action Council is responsible for:

  • Approve the school social action policy;
  • Establish and monitor compliance with monitoring standards that guarantee the functionality of the respective services;
  • Give an opinion on the activity report, as well as on the budget projects for the following economic year and the medium-term development plans for social action;
  • Propose mechanisms that guarantee the quality of services provided and define the criteria and means for their evaluation;
  • Promote other social support schemes that you consider appropriate.

The CAS operates in accordance with its own regulations to be approved by deliberation of this body.



João Sàágua (Reitor da Universidade)
Paula Machado (Administradora dos SASNOVA)
Isabel Costa (NOVA School of Law)Débora Torres (NOVA FCT)


2023 – september



2020 – november

2020 – may

2019 – november




Management Board

The Management Council (CG) is the administrative and financial management body of SASNOVA. 

The CG is responsible for: 

  • Approve the activity plan, the annual budget proposal, the activity report and the management account; 
  • Collect and manage revenue and authorize expenses and payments necessary for the operation of services; 
  • Authorize the assumption of expenses and payments that include multi-annual commitments that involve only own revenues; 
  • Authorize the amount of working capital; 
  • Monitor administrative and financial management; 
  • Ensure the integration of SASNOVA’s financial management into the Fundação Universidade NOVA de Lisboa; 
  • Implement the deliberations of the Social Action Council (CAS), in terms of setting and updating prices, relating to indirect social support; 
  • Give an opinion on any matters in the area of economic, financial and patrimonial management that are submitted to him at the initiative of the Rector or at the request of the Executive Administrator. 

The Board may delegate to the Executive Administrator the powers it deems necessary and appropriate for the operational and effective management of the Services. 



João Sàágua (Rector of the NOVA University of Lisbon) 

Ana Rita Marante (Administrator of the NOVA University of Lisbon) 

Paula Machado (Executive Administrator of SASNOVA) 



CG Regiment 

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