Social Welfare Council

What is the Social Welfare Council?

The Social Welfare Council (Conselho de Acção Social – CAS) is at the highest level of management for social welfare and is where student support is defined and oriented. The Nova’s CAS is composed of the rector of the university (president of the Council), the manager of SASNOVA and two students, one of which is a scholarship student.

Duties of the Social Welfare Services (CAS):

  • To approve the school’s welfare service policy;
  • To determine and monitor the observance of all support norms that guarantee the correct operation of their respective services;
  • To provide its opinion on the activity report, as well as on the budget programs for the following economic year and the mid-term development plans for social welfare;
  • To propose mechanisms that will guarantee the quality of services rendered and define criteria and means to evaluate them;
  • To promote other adequate social welfare schemes.

CAS works in accordance with its own regime, which is to be self-approved.

Regulations of the Social Welfare Council of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Regulations (PDF)


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