SASNOVA currently has three Halls of Residence for students, teachers and researchers of the University, with a total of 460 beds. Priority is given to Portuguese scholarship students and foreign students on exchange programs.


SASNOVA’s Halls of Residence have their own regulations. These include acceptance conditions, use of equipment, internal discipline, and student participation in managing, conserving and cleaning the Halls.

SASNOVA is committed to helping disabled students, so as to promote their independence and inclusion into this academic context. Alfredo de Sousa Halls and Fraústo da Silva Halls each have two single rooms with a private bathroom that are equipped for disabled students.


Types of accommodation

Term-Time Accommodation – NOVA

Term-Time Accommodation refers to accommodation during the University’s term-time (mid-September to mid-July), for more than three months.

Resident students must sign a Term Time Accommodation Contract with SASNOVA binding them to all rights and duties defined by the regulations.Academic Accommodation refers to housing for students (in their 1st to 3rd study cycle), Researchers or Professors at NOVA during the University’s academic year (mid-September to mid-July).

Priority is given to SASNOVA scholarship students and students on exchange programmes (Erasmus) when allocating accommodation. Only after these vacancies have been filled out can an accommodation application process be opened for other SASNOVA students.

Access to accommodation during these periods is subject to an application process. Students applying for a scholarship should send their accommodation application at the same time as their scholarship application, through the website of the General Directorate of Higher Education Direcção Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES).

Resident students sign an Academic Accommodation Contract with SASNOVA when they check in. This sets out the rights and obligations of the parties.

Academic accommodation is allocated for a one-year period, and a new application must be submitted every year.

Temporary Accomodation – Visitors

Temporary Accommodation is housing for those who are not enrolled at NOVA (residents’ relatives, participants in conferences, or others) for short stays during the academic year, which are approved based on room availability or for stays outside the academic year (between mid-July and mid-September), known as Summer Accommodation.

Price lists

Alfredo de Sousa Halls of Residence

Price List 2022/23


Fraústo da Silva Halls of Residence

Price List 2022/23


Lumiar Halls of Residence

Price List 2022/23

Residents Commission

There is a Residents Commission at each Halls of Residence whose aim is to ease communication between Accommodation Services and all residents.

EcoNOVA Campaign 2014

Year after year utilities expenses keep on rising and it is increasingly important, not only due to budget issues, but also for environmental reasons, that all of us change our habits to ensure a conscious and responsible use of these resources.

At home we tend to avoid leaving the lights on, leaving the tap running for long periods of time and we take quick showers. We think that these small gestures should also be practiced as often as possible at the residences and multiplied by hundreds of residents. We must not ignore this effort!


The campaign’s previous year results show that savings were significant, but only in the period immediately following the campaign. This decreasing in costs made us very pleased. However the annual costs with water, electricity and gas have risen.

Still, it was possible to purchase new equipment for residences (freezers, microwaves, mattresses) and thus improve these important spaces!

But there is still much to do. So, once again, we challenge you to help us improve our smart spending. Every Euro saved in wasted water, electricity and gas can be invested in comfort.

Your participation in this initiative is crucial! We count on you!

Campaign Materials

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