The practice of sports and physical activity tends to decrease as young people enter higher education. At NOVA University of Lisbon, we give you the chance to practice sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle as you progress through the academic environment.

On the sports-leisure side, you can take part in several activities, such as yoga or Pilates, or participate in sports events such as races or walks. In addition to our team sports, where you can play sports on a regular basis, you can also represent the University by playing an individual sport. With this in mind, many of our students benefit from a Student Athlete Status, due to their ability to train and compete at the same time as they pursue their studies. Others even obtain Sports Merit Scholarships, which consist of financial aid reducing their tuition fees.

As such, we encourage and contribute towards a healthy daily life, combined with a strong spirit of togetherness and friendship that is provided throughout each event and competition.

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