Human development

SASNOVA provide services to support students, Organic Units, and other support offices within the scope of sustainable development and personal and social skills. Through the perspectives of Psychology and Education, these services promote:

  • Human and civic development programs at all Organic Units, focusing on the sustainable development of students, employees, and faculty.
  • Dynamics of inclusion, which constitute a true humanitarian spirit and allow the construction of a multicultural and intergenerational NOVA Identity.
  • Volunteering Programs that allow the development of civic values of social responsibility, a spirit of mutual help, a sense of belonging and shared identity.
  • A Training catalog focused on the development of personal and social skills that are fundamental for personal development, for the promotion of lifelong learning and for active social development.

GDH’s Activity

Involvement of the GDH:

GTAEDES – The Work Group for the Support of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education (2004), consists of public higher education institutions with support services for students with disabilities, with the purpose of: 1) providing a better quality service to students with disabilities; 2) promote inter-service approximation that support students with disabilities, in order to facilitate the exchange of experiences, the development of joint initiatives and the rationalization of resources. The GDH participated in the last two editions of the GTAEDES seminars, to learn more about the sharing and dissemination of knowledge that could make NOVA a more inclusive institution.

R-VES – the Higher Education Volunteer Network is made up of several Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and aims to value volunteering and promote a culture and practice of volunteering in HEIs. It currently includes 25 higher education institutions, including the UNL, represented by the GDH.

Portuguese Confederation for Volunteering – The purpose of the Confederation is to represent volunteers in Portugal and their respective organizations, whatever their fields of activity, and to contribute to the defense of their rights and interests.

ORSIES – Observatory of Social Responsibility and Higher Education Institutions, is a collaborative network of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), with the support of the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Higher Education (SECTES) for the visibility and impact of a common strategy, through the creation of a collaborative network that encourages the social dimension of the Institutions and promotes the exchange of experiences on Social Responsibility policies and practices.


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