Psychological Coaching

Psychological Coaching consists of a helping relationship, based on theories from humanist, cognitive-behavioral and positive psychology currents.

It is a process that promotes reflection and self-discovery, using a methodology of questioning and awareness that contributes to the exploration of the coachee’s potential. The focus is centered on producing changes (attitudes and behaviours), in the short and medium term, by the coachee, so that they find, based on their psychological characteristics and strategic potential, the resolution of their internal conflicts and the achievement of objectives .

Starting from a dynamic of self-awareness and building a relationship of trust and empathy, goals are established and action plans are put into practice in which the coach, a specialist in psychological coaching, is the facilitator that favors a dynamic of personal transformation in the coachee , helping you to make a journey between your current reality and the desired state.

How can you participate?

Every Wednesday, from 10am to 5pm, at the Alfredo de Sousa Residence. Participation is free.

Registration here.

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