Photography Competition

The Universidade Nova de Lisboa Photography Competition aims to promote cultural activities that are relevant to all students of NOVA faculties while stimulating exchange and portraying a cultural image of the University through photography.

An initiative of the SASNOVA Office for Culture, the competition is open to all NOVA students (including students on Erasmus and other exchange programs). It began in the academic year 2008/2009 and takes place annually.


2023 - "NOVA´s life"

It is open to all students of NOVA, including exchange programs, the XV NOVA Photo Contest, organized by SASNOVA.



THEME: “NOVA´s life”


1st prize – 500 €

2nd prize – 300 €

3rd prize – 200 €

Honorable Mentions – 100 €


News: This year there will be an award from the public and the voting will take place online, between the 19th and the 23rd of June, during the exhibition of the best works.





Competitors can present up to 3 photographs and must complete and submit the Registration Form, until 24nd May 2023.

Regulation 2023


Registration Closed

2022 - "Sustainability"

2021 - "Multicultural"

2020- "City and Countryside"

2019 - "Movement"

2018-"Points of View"

2017 - "Light and Shadow"

2016 - "Quatidiano"

2015 - "The Man and the City"

2014 - "Think, Feel, Imagine"

2013 - "Spaces"

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