Workshops 2023/2024

The Human Development Office will promote, throughout the 2023/2024 school year, a set of training courses on topics related to well-being, which focus on the development of fundamental active, personal and social skills, for the promotion of lifelong learning.

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The workshops are aimed at students of all degrees, are free, provided in Portuguese and English, and will take place in two modalities: online and face-to-face (more information about which School it will take place at later).

Each session will last 2 hours and between 15 and 20 participants. You will have a certificate for your participation in the sessions you choose.


Available Workshops

SEPTEMBER – Time Management

  • self-management and self-awareness
  • objectives and priorities
  • internal and external resources
  • strategies

OCTOBER – Sleep, Food and Sports

  • what happens when we sleep
  • how much sleep is enough?
  • common sleep disorders
  • myths about sleeping habits
  • features of a Healthy Diet
  • healthy, affordable and simple food
  • what is physical activity and recommendations
  • combining physical activity with a busy schedule
  • Sports at UNL

NOVEMBER – Anxiety

  • types of anxiety
  • adaptive/maladaptive anxiety
  • internal and external resources

DECEMBER – Stress and Resilience

  • concepts of stress and resilience
  • internal resources
  • signs and symptoms
  • strategies and resources

JANUARY – Procrastination

  • prevalence
  • COVID-19
  • distractors and resources
  • strategies

FEBRUARY – Mental Health

  • mental health ingredients
  • warning signs
  • some more common disorders
  • how to help others
  • how to seek help

MARCH – Conflict Management

  • types of conflicts
  • forms of resolution
  • assertive communication

APRIL – Communication

  • types of communication
  • verbal/non-verbal communication
  • the psychology of communication

MAY – Addictions

  • types of addictions
  • substance/online addiction
  • self regulation and self awareness


Inscrições Workshops GDH 23/24

Inscrições Workshops GDH 23/24

Formações promovidas pelo Gabinete de Desenvolvimento Humano dos SAS, cuja dinamização vai decorrer ao longo do ano letivo 2023/2024, online e/ou nas Unidades Orgânicas da NOVA. Os workshops são gratuitos, em língua portuguesa e inglesa.

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