Social Support Fund

The Social Support Fund is a programme aimed at supporting students with immediate and urgent needs who are not eligible under the Regulation on the Granting of Scholarships to Students in Higher Education. This programme falls within the scope of NOVA’s social responsibility. The Fund is intended for all students who are enrolled on bachelors or integrated masters’ degrees at NOVA. Its purpose is to prevent students from dropping out of university and to encourage them to integrate into join the working life.

Under the Fund, SASNOVA may be attributed to students:

1.    Emergency Grants, consisting of a contribution for the usual costs of attending a study cycle, for students whose urgent social situation is not eligible for emergency support under the Regulation on the Granting of Scholarships;

2.    Collaboration Scholarships for activities promoted by the Faculties and the university services which are compatible with the student’s skills and availability, without compromising their academic or learning activities.

See Regulation.


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